Massage Therapy and Positive Energetic Movement


Clear your mind and ground yourself. Take three deep slow breaths and connect. Allow the energy to flow

It is rare that we consciously connect with others. How often do we pause in the moment to join energetically with the person we are interacting with at the time. Most of us are wrapped up in the coming and goings of our lives. We speak and wish to be heard and understood and yet do we listen and return that same gift? It is clear that there is an awaking happening within the human experience and as more and more people become aware of living with gratitude, in the Now, that movement will only become stronger. Becoming more connected with those that dominate your interactions, will bring forward a stronger, deeper  relationship.

Included in this circle could be your massage therapist, or you yourself may practice the craft. Creating a connection with the client is imperative for creating change, and  promoting relaxation and healing as most therapist know. It is the foundation upon which the session is created and unfolds. While it is important for the therapist to connect, it is also important the client be brought into the moment as well. Taking the time at the beginning of the session to include the client in the release of current tension in mind and body through a few deep breaths and even a verbal release, goes a long way in creating a positive session for both client and therapist.

The use of breath during a massage is a sign of understanding how the body holds tension and of the relationship of the human systems. Holding the breath is a sign of tension and when clients and therapist use the breath to stay focused and relaxed there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the session. Breathing allows the energy to flow freely between client and therapist creating a bridge that allows for the energy to move and break any blocks or barriers that may have formed over time and thought. Similar in theory to getting the blood in the body moving through exercise, Positive Energetic Movement (PEM) has the same clearing effect. The more connected and aware of breath the client and therapist are the more change can be created.


PEM is an idea that some may have difficulty understanding and accepting. However, all can benefit from the simple and natural act of breathing. Simply having the client focus on a few deep breaths through out the session creates change. Refocusing using the breath throughout the session brings a level of healing and relaxation that is not present when there is no guidance given during the massage. If the therapist is silent for most of the massage the experience is different (not good or bad, just different) than if the therapist guides the clients breathing at certain points through the session. This does not mean that the therapist is talking throughout the session, no, only that at certain points (with certain muscles, even) the therapist has the client breathe to release any tension build ups and also to allow for a smooth transition through muscle fibers as the stroke is applied. Having the client breathe as the therapist applies deep pressure can allow for much greater ease of muscle penetration. Slow and with breath.


Getting the most out of bodywork takes allowing yourself to become present and energetically connected. Allowing yourself the moment to let go of that which does not serve you and become fully present within the experience. Stay connected with the breath and do not force it, simply guide it, and allow it to guide you. The therapist becomes a conduit for the universal energy to flow and create change, and through breath, connection and awareness the client is brought into the experience. The opportunity is there it only has to be brought into consciousness.

The soul of the universe flows. May it Flow Free through you and all that you create….

Gratitude and Love


Massage Therapy Meditation


Meditation and Massage Therapy go hand in hand. Both modalities work to decrease stress and create a relaxed sense of being. Meditation can be still or, for some, moving.  The art of moving meditation is as viable as the art of sitting meditation. The practice of massage therapy lends itself to the practice of moving meditation. The focus of massage therapy is to tap into the energy and signs that a clients body gives in order to create change and promote relaxation. It is a skill that can be learned and clinically applied like a sterile bandage. Massage Therapy can also be an intuitive process for the practitioner. The practitioner that tunes out all that is around and focuses only on the signals, energies, and messages that the clients body sends creates a very different massage experience than simply ‘spreading lotion!’ The practitioner enters a meditative state and connects energetically and physically through the hands so that in essence the massage therapist becomes a conduit for energy. The therapist becomes a release for the energy of the client to flow through and out, as well as the reverse the therapist is conduit for fresh clean universal energy to flow through and into the client.

The therapist must stay present and focused to create an energetic connection that lasts for the full session. Often both client and therapist become lost in their minds creating stories about this, that, and the other, planning, arguing, judging, etc… It can be said and felt that these thoughts create energies and those energies can be transfered. Letting go and becoming fully present to the moment is the ultimate goal. When both the client and the therapist are present and energetically tuned, the results can be staggering.

One of the main ‘keys’ to this process is the act of breathing! Following the breath allows us to stay focused in the Now and let go of the intrusions that our minds and the environment throw our way. When both the therapist and client make a conscious effort to breathe, each are rewarded with a much more positive experience. The client creates a more relaxed state of presence and is able to release more tension. The therapist is able to create more change within the client by maintaining steady pressure and an intuitive response to energies and signals coming from the clients muscles.

The mediative state also allows the therapist to slow down their motions and slower means the client can take more pressure and create more change. The slower manipulations of the muscles and connective tissues creates an increase in blood and nutrient flow to the area and a greater release of wastes from the cells. Overall a happier body and a more relaxed body and mind.

It is important to note that with this type of slow, conscious, and awakened work more ‘stuff’ can be released. This ‘stuff’ includes toxins, wastes, and emotional bindings that create energy and is stored in the body. For some this concept of storing emotion in the body is a stretch, however I encourage you to think about these ideas. Think about the common expressions of ‘pain in the neck’, or ‘tight ass.’ Both of these expressions relate to the body, (I am sure you can think of many others!) and areas where tension can be held, or placed. Here is another one; the idea that a person who is angry or protective might stand with their arms across their chest. The are in a protecting and guarding stance, and this creates an energy. That energy / emotion tends to be stored in the Pectoralis Major and Minor muscles.  Image

Some clients have a strong emotional reaction/release after having the Pec Muscles worked. It is easy to make the connection of the physical stance, holding of the emotion and energy and the transference of that energy/ emotion into the body is the upper chest region. The term Meta Expression can be used here. There is a whole science of thought about these types of expression and the holding of tension that every human experiences. It takes an open mind and a willingness to learn and experiment with some of these techniques and tools. It takes both the therapist and the client working to together to create change.

Massage Therapy is becoming more and more legit as society begins to understand that maintaing the body and the mind keeps the Doctor away. Taking the time to drink plenty of water, stretch and exercise, and get regular bodywork increases the quality of life that can be lived. There are a number of massage therapist operating in the states currently , however not all are skilled in the art of meditation massage. Take the time to ask questions and be involved in your experience. A simple five minute conversation using specific questions can help the client find a quality energetic therapist that understands the art of massage meditation.

Peace, Love, Awareness and Gratidude

Massage Therapy, Meditation, and Healing Energies

There is a machine that runs constantly inside of our head. It creates, dreams, and fantasies and does a myriad of other things as well. It is the source of inspiration and the ability to learn. It works in concert with our bodies, and helps us to function within the designs of the natural world and society. For some the ‘machine’ is who they are, and for others the ‘machine’ is simply a part of a greater whole. I am, of course, speaking of the brain and its relentless creation of thought, image, and word. The brain is in constant motion and even when we are motionless and simply breathing the brain is part of this process and works to pull our focus into other areas. For many, the act of meditating is difficult to say the least. The act of being still, quiet, and focusing on the breath and allowing the brain, the mind to settle, is a learned art and skill.

We live in a stimulated society! Coffee, Energy drinks, small concentrated ‘shots’ of energy, the layers and layers of sweet treats, power bars of granola, nuts, etc… The way that we entertain ourselves, and craft our entertainment is meant to stimulate and capture attention. Bright lights, fast choppy cuts on video and TV, Smart phone movements, etc…. We have even changed and altered the way we communicate. Many prefer texting to voice calling. There is a disconnect created from texting, a quickness, and a wall. A distance can be kept that voice calling and speaking to the person does not allow. It is no wonder that it is difficult to slow down for the true benefit of Massage and Meditation.


The fact that many of us enjoy our daily routine distracts us from creating the ideal condition for our massage therapy session, and for a meditation session. By bringing awareness to our daily lives and actions, it is possible to make conscious decisions regarding what we do the day of our session. Simple details make it easy to create the best conditions possible for the upcoming session. Take a stand and do not drink you ‘booster’ drink before the session. Do your best to get a good night sleep, and do not watch any television before the session. Become aware of how you respond to certain music, and then translate these feelings to other activities and how you feel when doing and after. By doing the transference exercises you can start to learn more about your body and mind reactions that may have been unconscious to you. You may learn, for example, that fast, heavy, metal music causes you anxiety and the feeling is similar to when you watch a certain television show, or feel guilty for doing something wrong or poor.

Taking the time to become aware of how you respond to life can allow a person to focus in and create the best set of circumstance for their session. By not stimulating before a session, it is likely that the person will have a much more productive experience. Massage Therapy and Meditation require the ability to still and quiet the mind for the experience and healing work to be done at its highest level. Everyone benefits from both forms of healing even if the mind is in full gear, relaxation does happen and a calming sense of being prevails. Though the level of relaxation can be affected by the way we arrive to the session, once in, we can benefit greatly from the moment to be silent and focus on something that creates healing energies.

Healing Energies come from within and from others into us. When you smile at someone and they smile back that is an exchange of energy. We are affected by each other and we feel each others energies. We all have the capabilities to work and manipulate energies. Again we are a stimulated people and until we learn to calm ourselves, focus and harness our power, we stand to continue forward unaware of our inner potential. During Meditation, slowing the mind and concentrating, focusing allows for greater control of energy. While in Massage Therapy, slowing the mind allows the client to become more present with the energy being presented from the practitioner, and the client is able to release more of the tension that is being held in relation to the process of the mind. In both MT and Meditation, healing energies are being created and either absorbed in to the process or lost do to lack of unconsciousness.


When we are mindful and conscious, we are able to slow the mind, the brain and enter into a state of deep consciousness and awareness. We do not fall asleep. We allow ourselves to let go and become fully present with that which we are at the moment. Whether it be our breath, a flower, a song, music, or the roar of the river as each paddle stroke is placed and the field of vision is surveyed and calculated, the bend of the road and the gauge of high speed, the calculations. Meditation and MT are designed to decrease the stimulation of the body and create a deep level of relaxation and letting go. Whitewater, Racing, and Sports are forms of moving meditations for some, however their very nature stimulates and creates a ‘different’ experience than the art of being still. I respect both. Each has their own set of challenges and levels of understanding and mastery.

While Meditation and Massage Therapy are different in nature, they have common elements that can be shared and used to enhance. Both the client and the therapist can benefit from the act of meditation. During the Massage session the practitioner can help the client focus on relaxing and entering a conscious state of awareness. A level that allows the client to work with the practitioner to release areas of pain and tension. Ultimately creating a more relaxed body, mind and spirit. The practitioner can guide the client with reminding and/or coaching them to breathe at certain points of pressure. The more release a client can give, the better the session was at creating change, and for me that is what is important. It is the act of helping creating change for a client.

Meditation and Massage Therapy work, and when combined they only enhance. Both forms of healing are becoming much more widely used and practitioners can be found easily with todays technology. Take the time to still the mind and focus on breathing during the next Massage Therapy session and be witness to the response of the body.

Give to your body in Mind, Health, Gratitude and Love and it will return in favor….

Massage Therapy and Stretching

I am constantly asked by people what advice I can offer them about helping their aches and pains. Aside from a well executed massage the best practice anyone can engage in is increasing or simply maintaining their flexibility. Stress creates tension and tension creates tight muscles which lead to a whole host of problems. One reason massage therapy works so well is in essence the therapist is stretching and manipulating muscle fibers as well as connective tissue. While stretching is not a substitute for a great massage, it can help to relieve tension in most areas of the body. A massage does more than just relax and create change. It also promotes an increase in blood and nutrient flow, and it promotes natural healing aspects.  Stretching creates the same experience. Stretching increases blood and nutrient flow to tightened areas and with controlled breathing it also creates change within the body.


Combining Massage Therapy and Stretching creates a well rounded experience and can promote increased longevity of the effects of a quality massage. I always recommend stretching and an increase in fluid (water) intake to help the effects of the massage last longer. Take the time to nurture the body- it is the only one we get in this life!

Gratitude and Smiles

Get the most from Massage Therapy (Breathing Massage Technique)

While most of understand the benefits of Massage Therapy, few understand that they can enhance their experience be being present. A typical massage consists of spreading lotion, specifics movements and the potential release of stress. Many people hold their stress within the muscles of their body, as well as, in their mind. We also can internalize painful experiences into our muscles and body tissues. While the standard massage can create change, a mindful massage can create amazing results. By becoming present during the massage and paying attention to where tension is being held, clients can increase the release of bound muscles and internal stress by working with the movements of the massage therapist. Breathing is our birth right and it is by far the greatest and most simple way to release our emotions. Clients that focus on their breathing and work with the therapist to breath into and out of certain areas of the body can increase the release of an area ten fold in comparison to just laying passively as the therapist moves through an area. The breathing massage technique allows clients to release not only the physical tension of the body,  but also helps to release higher levels of toxins through the breath. Clients become more relaxed and are able to create greater change within their body by using this technique. It has been my experience that clients come out of the massage feeling a greater sense of clarity, movement and relaxation.

One simple benefit of Massage Therapy

One simple benefit of massage therapy is the reduction of stress. We all have stress that occurs in our daily lives. Some stress is caused by negative actions and some is caused by the things we love. Doing activities such as riding a bike can, for some, be a stressful experience. Weaving in and out of traffic and navigating the trails cause the body to enter an excited state. The body does not know the difference between good or bad stress. For the body, it is all the same, and it is important that it be released in a healthy way. While many will argue that exercise is a great way to release stress, the best way is through meditation and muscle relaxation (Massage Therapy). Taking the time to slow down and focus on breathing allows the body to stop the production of stress hormones. The combination of stillness and breathing creates a healthy body and mind state. Massage Therapy only adds to this experience and can increase blood flow thereby helping to infuse the cells of the body with higher levels of oxygen. Oxygen is vital to healing and to creating a healthy environment within the body. Take the time to help heal your body by slowing down, breathing and getting a massage.