Get the most from Massage Therapy (Breathing Massage Technique)

While most of understand the benefits of Massage Therapy, few understand that they can enhance their experience be being present. A typical massage consists of spreading lotion, specifics movements and the potential release of stress. Many people hold their stress within the muscles of their body, as well as, in their mind. We also can internalize painful experiences into our muscles and body tissues. While the standard massage can create change, a mindful massage can create amazing results. By becoming present during the massage and paying attention to where tension is being held, clients can increase the release of bound muscles and internal stress by working with the movements of the massage therapist. Breathing is our birth right and it is by far the greatest and most simple way to release our emotions. Clients that focus on their breathing and work with the therapist to breath into and out of certain areas of the body can increase the release of an area ten fold in comparison to just laying passively as the therapist moves through an area. The breathing massage technique allows clients to release not only the physical tension of the body,  but also helps to release higher levels of toxins through the breath. Clients become more relaxed and are able to create greater change within their body by using this technique. It has been my experience that clients come out of the massage feeling a greater sense of clarity, movement and relaxation.


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