One simple benefit of Massage Therapy

One simple benefit of massage therapy is the reduction of stress. We all have stress that occurs in our daily lives. Some stress is caused by negative actions and some is caused by the things we love. Doing activities such as riding a bike can, for some, be a stressful experience. Weaving in and out of traffic and navigating the trails cause the body to enter an excited state. The body does not know the difference between good or bad stress. For the body, it is all the same, and it is important that it be released in a healthy way. While many will argue that exercise is a great way to release stress, the best way is through meditation and muscle relaxation (Massage Therapy). Taking the time to slow down and focus on breathing allows the body to stop the production of stress hormones. The combination of stillness and breathing creates a healthy body and mind state. Massage Therapy only adds to this experience and can increase blood flow thereby helping to infuse the cells of the body with higher levels of oxygen. Oxygen is vital to healing and to creating a healthy environment within the body. Take the time to help heal your body by slowing down, breathing and getting a massage.


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